Your crash course on Pimpology 101

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I showed up for my first day of class and was blown away by what I heard. I was looking for the behavior modification program, but walked into Pimpology 101.

I expected to hear outdated information about the effects of drugs and violence, but instead heard about the science of…

I believe there are two reasons

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Have you ever wondered why someone would ever want to be a prison guard? As someone who was on the inside, I found myself wondering that often after watching how some of them were treated. …

A life lesson I learned from preschool

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In the game of duck, duck, goose, kids form a circle facing inward. One of the kids goes around the circle tapping the others on the head, saying “duck” with each one. Eventually, the kid will tap someone on the head and shout “goose!” …

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

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The quote above means so much to me today for the simple fact that it used to be a thing I never considered.

I always felt inferior when I was younger and never saw it as a way I was choosing to feel.

And of course, with feelings of inferiority…

There’s a role between what we do physically and what we can’t stop doing psychologically

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The more we do something, the easier it becomes to keep doing that thing. This is the process behind habit formation.

It’s why developing a workout regimen is hard at first. We have to convince our bodies that the repetitive movements that bring pain are worth doing.

This process is…

We say it is, but is that really true?

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As an infant, we learn how to speak by soaking up everything that’s said around us and mimicking it. When we grow up, this changes in the sense that we no longer have to mimic language in order to speak.

However, human beings are still creatures that mirror the world…

Why pretending they don’t exist is never a good option

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I remember back in middle school when I used to love listening to my biology teacher. She was always so creative and eclectic when she spoke. But no matter how creative and eclectic she was, she never had a total awareness of everything that was going on in the classroom…

And how to get good at it.

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I had a friend when I was younger who was never very smooth with his words. Pete would lie badly, forget peoples’ names, and just couldn’t seem to express his sincerity to people when he actually was trying to be honest.

Part of Pete’s inability to express himself was due…

When you do this, your comfort zone will expand.

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If you struggle with constant thoughts of doubt, this is for you.

You look into the mirror on a daily basis and affirm yourself of many false judgments. You attack yourself with these judgments about why you aren’t enough and why things won’t go the way you want them to…

And the golden trait that is often undervalued

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A third of the U.S. population is working class, meaning their successes and failures are usually the result of their own doing. Regardless of where they come from, a person who knows the trials and tribulations of surviving the daily grind knows what it means to “have something” in this…

Josh Bolstad

I was born with a hunger for meaning and a thirst for self-mastery. Crime | Drugs | Gender | Relationships | Sociology | Art | Human Behavior

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